Best shape of your life

Caroline S.

Best gym in the area!!!! Whether you want to get trim, learn to fight, or just try something new, UFC Gym Mamaroneck is the place to go to. Group conditioning classes (Boxing and Kickboxing) will yield 800-1200 calories burned per hour class, and a full body workout! Technique classes (Muay Thai and Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu) will teach you striking and grappling! All coaches are fighters and certified personal trainers and care about each member's progress and happiness. Free and plentiful parking, free internet, open 7 days a week, friendly staff....what is not to like? UFC Gym Mamaroneck has the feel of an old-school boxing gym. With a beautiful full length boxing ring, a half octagon, thirty 150 lb heavy bags, 2 speed bags, plenty of upper-cut bags, double-end bags, and much more, this gym has the fight equipment you need. Everyone who either goes to or has gone to UFC Gym Mamaroneck says that the best shape of their life was when they trained regularly here. It's a non-intimidating way to get the results you have been wanting for so long. It will feel like your home-away-from-home! Try out a class, check it out. YOU WILL NOT REGRET IT!