We Believe our mission is to help our students have a mentally & physically healthy life through Karate training. Needless to say, they will acquire not only defense skills, but also receive many other benefits such as weight loss, stress release, enhanced stamina, focus power, confidence and much much more. Especially, children will learn respect, appreciation, and patience through Karate practice.

Class contents are based on the authentic full-contact karate training methods which include meditation, warm ups, conditioning, basic training, mitt training, Kata (forms) practice, block & retaliation practice, and light contact sparring.

We guarantee that as our students practice over the years, they will learn how to apply Karate training to their everyday lives and will always be able to keep their mind at peace.

Sensei Takao Miyashita

Sensei Takao Miyashita is a genuine Japanese Karate practitioner. In 1978 he joined Kyokushin Kaikan Honbu Dojo in Tokyo at age 15 and began his Karate training directly under the legend “Masutatsu Oyama” ( a pioneer of full-contact style Karate. In 1989 Sensei Takao moved to the United States to go to college. He decided to stay in the US, and in 1996, after a long interval, he returned to Karate training at a dojo of the same style in NYC where he received “Sensei” title and 3rd degree black belt in 2011 and has trained in and taught karate for over 25years. Sensei Takao has ample experience teaching adults and children, and now he is ready to teach the essence of his Karate at UFC GYM Mamaroneck, NY.

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