Now Offering In Home Personal Training



Secret’s Out! UFC Gym Mamaroneck is now offering in home private training in the Lower Westchester area! All of you who want the benefits of a personal trainer, but would prefer to work out from home, this is for you!

Some of our training services include- cardio fitness, weight loss and toning, boxing, kickboxing, Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, weight and resistance training, senior training, strength training, youth and teen fitness, sports conditioning, self-defense training, Massage Therapy and Cupping.

We bring the equipment & workouts to you! All the workouts are personalized based on your current fitness level and goals.

Benefits for you:

-Motivation: Whether you are interested in beginning a weight loss training program, strength training, kickboxing, or boxing, an in-home UFC Gym personal trainer not only teaches you proper techniques, but also motivates you. Being healthy and physically fit requires motivation and effort. It is an effort you may not put forth if you are dependent on yourself. Having a personal trainer home visit is something you can’t put off. Your personal trainer will arrive, regardless of weather, to give you a good workout.

-Exercise program tailored to YOUR NEEDS: for all fitness levels, all ages. Personalized private training.

-Safety: Having a UFC Gym in home personal trainer means you have the confidence you need to exercise, without fear of accident or injury. It means you always have someone who is trained in the art of exercise and who knows the correct positions, weight and techniques for any type of exercise program you may begin. Our goal is to ensure your workout routine is safe and effective, especially in light of COVID-19. If you do not feel safe exercising in a gym, you can train in the safety of your home with our coaches who are covid tested monthly, and will be wearing a mask throughout your workout, be it indoors or outdoors. We bring the equipment to you and we disinfect it all before you workout and after. Your coach will temperature check you and him or herself before each workout.

-No Waiting: Have you ever been at the gym and had to wait for machines or equipment to become available? Working out at home means you can eliminate the wait. Moving quickly from one exercise to another enables you to keep your heart rate up and reap the benefits of a cardio workout.

Will you be able to get the same results working out from home as you would at the gym?

YES. Progress comes from consistency and progressive overload. These 2 factors will determine your progress and we will be sure you hit both.

Sign up for your Private Training Package NOW and receive a 10% discount at the point of enrollment.

Want more information?

Email us at, call us on the gym line 914-835-4269, or call General Manager Caroline 914-471-3294.