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Welcome to UFC Gym of Mamaroneck, New York. We are proud to be your Top Rated Local® fitness center offering a variety of fitness services, including group fitness classes, open gym, and MMA training by Ultimate Fighting Championship® coaches. We offer training and fitness for people of all ages, skill levels and abilities. We are here to help you reach your fitness goals, discover your purpose, and learn new skills. Check out the services we have to offer you and stop by to get started today.

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Personal Training

You’ve got goals, and we’ve got the team to help get you there. Our personal trainers are not here to dictate your routine or simply layout a workout plan for you. Our trainers are coaches who will challenge you, offer you insight into your current routine and areas for improvement, and most importantly, will encourage you to push beyond your comfort level and dig deep to unlock the full potential in you. Accountability and one-on-one coaching from UFC certified trainers will get you there.

At UFC Mamaroneck, we take your success personally and will show up for you everyday. Are you ready to take your fitness journey to the next level? Contact us to get started today.

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At UFC Gym Mamaroneck, we understand that a one-size-fits-all membership package doesn’t benefit anyone. Whether you just want to pop in and get your lift on or you are the die-hard UFC hopeful in training, we have a variety of membership options to fit your budgets and your goals. If you start with the basic membership and want to take classes or upgrade to the full package, we support growth and honor upgrade requests. You really have nothing to lose!

If you aren’t completely convinced that UFC Gym Mamaroneck is the right place for you to reach your fitness goals, give us a try, on the house. We are confident that you’ll find what you’ve been looking for with us. Stop by, and let us show you around today.

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Our specialty is mixed martial arts training. Whether you are interested in kickboxing classes to elevate your fitness and strength, you are training to be the next local boxing great, or you want to try your hand at Brazialian jiu-jitsu to feel more confident, powerful, and ready to defend yourself, yes, we can get you there. Learn the skills to defend yourself, or prepare to be a powerful oppressor in the octagon, or something in between. With a combination of our training and conditioning classes and the help of our UFC certified trainers, we can help you reach any martial arts goals you have.

Never landed a kick before? No worries. At UFC Gym Mamaroneck, we are here to support people of all ages, abilities, and skill levels. If you’ve got the heart and are willing to put in the work, we’ve got the equipment, the know-how, and the dedication to you. View our full course listing online to find the class that best fits your interests and goals.

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Youth Classes

The mission of UFC Gym is to make MMA available to everyone, regardless of age or ability. For our young friends who are interested in boosting their self confidence or self esteem or learn some skills to defend themselves against schoolyard bullies, our youth classes are a great start. Our MMA classes for kids help instill discipline and respect in self and others. They can help promote balance, coordination, and clarity for students. Many parents enjoy the healthy outlet for energy and observe a calmer, more obedient child after just a few sessions.

The best part about our youth programs is that they are fun! Kids of all ages have a blast learning new skills and participating in MMA. In fact, our birthday party and summer camp sessions are always full. We also offer after school programs and other youth offerings. Check our entire list of youth services, and sign your kids up today.

Kids Classes

Group Fitness Classes

Most who have tried our group fitness classes will agree that you get out of them what you put into them. Our UFC coaches will have you sweating and your blood pumping, and you'll burn hundreds of calories in a 50 minute session. What's more is our group fitness classes allow you to get to know others and build healthy relationships while you learn new skills and build strength, core, and confidence.

Whether you are looking to be the next UFC great, oryou simply want a challenging workout that has purpose, our group fitness classes are just the ticket. Don't take our word for it, though. Check out our course list, and try one out for yourself. We welcome those of all skill levels and abilities, regardless of your goals.

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Weight Loss

Whether you are trying to cut weight for your next fight or you simply want to shed your hibernation weight for the inevitable summer, our skilled trainers have the right plan for you. Leveraging the optimal balance between nutrition and fitness, your personalized plan developed by our UFC trainers will help you reach your goals.

We welcome everyone regardless of skill level or ability to challenge themselves to unlock their true potential. Let us help you find your ideal you; stop by our Mamaroneck location today.

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Caroline S.

Best gym in the area!!!! Whether you want to get trim, learn to fight, or just try something new, UFC Gym Mamaroneck is the place to go to. Group conditioning classes (Boxing and Kickboxing) will yield 800-1200 calories burned per hour class, and a full body workout! Technique…more


Nicole L.

Honestly have been coming here on and off for years and it is the best full body workout you can get! All of the trainers/coaches are amazing and show you the right technique to accomplish your goals and avoid getting hurt. I would recommend this gym to anyone and will continue too…more


Chirag Shah

Hands down the best Gym in Westchester. The people who work here from the Owners down are all genuine people. If you are looking to come somewhere and get a real work out LA Boxing is the place. The classes will push you to places you never thought you would go…more