Our Goals

As a torch bearer of this century old martial-art, you will learn incredibly effective ways to use Judo in self-defense. Regardless of your age, size or fitness level, Westchester Judo classes will help you quickly master techniques and counter-attacks as you journey towards your Black Belt.

Judo is also an Olympic sport and will enhance your performance in other sports, such as baseball, basketball and soccer. The rigorous training will sharpen your reflexes, increase your strength and lift your energy levels. You will notice sharper muscle definition as unwanted fat and flab disappear. As you learn the sport, you will have opportunities to enter competitions.


Judo Values

One of the distinguishing aspects of judo is how its basic values and principles translate into a way of life. What is learned on the mat through hard judo training transfers at home, at school, at work or at play. These values include:​​

  • self-respect and respect for others
  • self-discipline and commitment
  • self-confidence and humility
  • self-control and focus
  • perseverance and determination
  • good sportsmanship and co-operation
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